Thursday, 26/11/2015 UTC-6
Edgeville Buzz

Loyola looking to close portion of Kenmore; create pedestrian walkway

Kenmore currently closed due to construction activity.  Credit: Jeremy Bressman

Kenmore currently closed due to construction activity. Credit: Jeremy Bressman

Kenmore Avenue has been closed due to construction south of Sheridan and north of Rosemont, but Loyola may seek to make this closure permanent.

  • Niall McGinty

    As a resident in the area, I find the the self-interested strong arm-tactics of Loyola to be frustrating & disconcerting. How do they propose to replace all the public parking spaces (in an already parking starved area) they will be taking away from tax paying residents? And speaking of taxes: Does no one care that Loyola is gobbling up property in the area and not paying any property taxes. How will this affect our public services?

  • Turbo

    Perhaps they can acquire a few more residential buildings, then vacate and leave them to fall into decay and blight the neighborhood further?

  • James Ness

    I think this is a great idea – it will expand Loyola by creatring a south campus, give the neighbors more green space – and increase the community vibrancy that comes from having students active in the neighborhood. The only downside is a few parking spaces – but there are lots of rental spaces in the neighborhood high rise garages so that problem has been solved. I have been here since 1978 and have been absolutely blown away by how much Loyola has improved my living environment and neighborhood. Loyola deserves a rousing roar of “Congratulations and thanks!”

  • lee

    If this happens, they need to create a 2-way bike lane on Winthrop or other alternative to get through to Sheridan/Devon. As a cyclist, I’ve been very frustrated with the closing of that section of Kenmore and having to ride the wrong way down Winthrop to get through.

    • Guest

      Winthrop is an officially designated segment of the Chicago lakefront bike path. I presume Loyola will be required to maintain the current level of access for bicycles.