Sunday, 29/11/2015 UTC-6
Edgeville Buzz

Big changes at Big Jones

Big Jones (5347 N Clark), which opened about 4 years ago and has experienced much success in making a name for itself amongst Andersonville’s many dining spots on Clark Street, will be undergoing a major tranformation over the coming weeks.

  • Chipchicago

    More vegetarian and vegan options would attract a broader audience and goes along with local farm to table and southern influences!

    • So Different

      Please go to a vegetarian or “vegan” restaurant then.

      • esperanzar

        hear hear!

    • esperanzar

      as stated below please go to a vegetarian restaurant then.

    • Li
      • Placentahat

        not true.

      • So Different

        They can to to that place next door, sit on the floor and stir

    • haters gonna hate

      I completely agree. I love the restaurant, but it has slim to none in regards to vegetarian options.

      • esperanzar

        again, a chef runs a business to share the dishes they choose to make.

  • Tisha M Teeluck

    Yep, the loss of IFS really has affected our hood.

  • avillefolk

    the bar at Premise (top floor) is awesome – we have been 3 times since it opened.

  • anderson

    i’m shocked at the disdain shown for vegetarians.

    • No Different

      I’m SSA (“gay” to many of you).