Tuesday, 1/12/2015 UTC-6
Edgeville Buzz

Edgewater & Andersonville in the news


Flower boxes. Credit: chriskeiss/Flickr

Loyola says Kenmore may never reopen [Loyola Student Dispatch]

Premise Cocktail Parlor Opens in Andersonville [Daily Candy]

Chicago’s Andersonville Neighborhood Could Be Home To City’s Parklet Pilot Program [Huffington Post]

Urban Village Church uses unusual methods to reach people [Chicago Tribune]

Chicago Lit: David Prete [Chicago Sun Times]


  • Terry60660

    Loyola has got its nerve.

  • pat thomas

    Does anyone remember Kenmore or Winthrop before Loyola began investing in those streets?

  • Anonymous

    I heard they are planning on buying the Sovereign-I wish they would buy that ugly brick building on Granville and Winthrop too, but I discovered there are actual condo owners in there, go figure.